Massage your Feet every night before sleeping

The whole body rests on them: the feet and the ankles carry our daily life so no question of neglecting them!

The feet are the part of the body that supports all the weight. They often suffer daily aggression and require special care. The foot massage offers the lower limbs a moment of relaxation after prolonged standing, overweight or following the wearing of shoes permanently preventing them from breathing.

Massage therapy is one of the most important work tools in the Medical Regulation Handbook. Putting pressure on the body can relieve bodily tension in many ways. There are few massagers in the market which help to massage different body parts such as feet, head etc. Always read the buyers guide before buying best foot massager so that you don’t curse the decision of purchasing the wrong thing from the market.

One of the best ways to do this is under what is called reflexology. Essentially, the idea is to massage some parts of the body, often the hands and feet, and get a positive result in different parts of the body.

Massaging the feet in different places is associated with improving the health of different organs. In addition, this can cause great relaxation, reduce stress, and increase sexual desire.

Massaging the feet also helps to improve blood circulation, relieves many diseases, helps maintain a good balance, has been shown to be beneficial for restless legs syndrome (RLS), improves sleep quality, reduces edema during pregnancy, and is great for your skin.

Massaging the big toe is good for your lungs and your brain. The second, third and fourth toes help relieve toothache. The little toe is an excellent starting area to relieve earache. The picture above is an excellent guide that will give you optimal results.

Foot massage: for what benefits?

The foot massage allows:

  • Stimulate the nerves thanks to the nerve endings present in the feet.
  • Act on the different organs of the body because the foot is a mini mapping of the body.
  • To stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  • To balance the vital functions.
  • To evacuate the stress and relax the muscles.
  • Eliminate impurities.
  • Enjoy a more balanced sleep and more restorative.

Foot massage: the steps to follow

The foot massage can be practiced by a masseur specialized in reflexology, a massage therapist or simply by a partner. Some gestures must however be acquired for a successful foot massage. It is thus essential to:

  • To put the massé at ease so that it can enjoy the care lavished in the serenity.
  • Use massage oil for perfect sliding of the hands.
  • Massage up and down with toes up.
  • Start with the toes.
  • Go down gently to stimulate the organs in the chest.
  • Work the plantar part with the back or the palm of the hand.
  • Touch the dowels in a circular motion.
  • Finish on the tops of the feet with back and forth movements, stronger in ascending and lighter descending.
  • Continue and finish to the legs.

Foot massage: the precautions to take

The foot massage should be applied on a healthy subject. It is advisable to provide as much information as possible to your masseur before you receive the message. The existence of particular diseases, heart or diabetes should be reported. For more information please visit

In the case of pregnancy, it is better to abstain from this kind of massage without the advice of a doctor.

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