International Women’s Day 2019

What would the world be without women – mothers, grandmothers, wives, daughters? Each of us owes them a lot. Therefore, on March 8, on the occasion of Women’s Day, it is worth showing that we remember it. They will probably be happy with a small gift, but a poem will be a nice gesture. You can send a beautiful poem by text or email. If you can not organize beautiful Women’s Day poems for the day, we are in a hurry. You will find below some poems chosen for the 2019 Women’s Day.

Women have written in many poets, poets, writers, of different eras and with different connotations. There are many poems with the central theme of the woman, her strength and fragility, her relationship with the opposite sex and with her own inner world. For Women’s Day, we have chosen the most beautiful and exciting poems of Women’s Day.

Song of Songs, Bible

How beautiful you are, my beloved, how beautiful you are!
Your eyes are doves,
behind your veil.
Your hair is like a flock of goats
that descend from Mount Gilead.
Your teeth like a flock of shorn sheep,
coming from the bathroom;
they all have twins,
none of them is childless.
As a purple ribbon your lips,
your mouth is full of charm;
as a slice of pomegranate, it is your temple
behind your veil.

You are all beautiful, my beloved,
and there is no fault in you.

Sonnet 18, William Shakespeare

Will I have to compare you to a summer day?
You are more lovable and temperate:
dear buds shaken by subversive wind
and the summer rent is soon consumed.

The eye of the sky is often too hot
and its face often darkens,
and the Bello al Bello is not always steady,
by chance or by course of nature.

But your eternal Summer will never vanish,
nor will you lose the Beauty you have now,
nor the Death of having you will boast

when in these eternal verses you will grow.
As long as man breathes or with an eye he will see, so
far lives Poetry that life gives to you.

Brooklyn Phillips

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